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Welcome to the Realm of Light community!

Post a Hi note on the Raychu board to see just how friendly we are! Don't be shy to ask questions, either on the board or email one of the staff! No question too 'stupid'!

We strongly recommend you join Raychu's lounge as well as this is where many Out Of Character questions are posted and answered along with general chatter from the group players!

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Please read the Rules and post a character sheet on either Raychu or RoL to start playing! 

We also recommend reading both files below before starting though this is optional you may find them helpful while playing :)

A Guide to Pokemon Fights in RoL

The character sheet can be found below and is also emailed upon registration!

We also have a selection of Fan-Made pokemon that you can choose to play should you wish to. Visit Scion Labs to view the Fan-Made Pokemon and Other Discoveries in the game.

Scion Labs

New players cannot introduce fan-made pokemon until they earn a second character slot! See the New Pokemon page in Scion Labs for more details.


The Character Sheet

Your name:
Your character's name: 
Your character's species (Remember no legendaries.): 
Description (Age/sex/color):
Personality of your character: 
*Note* Any quirks (odd powers, weird appearance etc) please list:

Also, please note that all newbies are moderated for their first few posts which means all posts made by that member are approved before being displayed on the main game, mostly due to an increase in Spammers joining. Please don't post more than once! If a message isn't approved you'll find out why!


All Content on this website is property the original creators. Do NOT steal graphics/characters/information from this website without permission.

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