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The Pokemon Listed below are newly discovered Pokemon species and half breed Pokemon within the Realm of Light.

All Pokemon Listed Below can be played by any player!

If you would like to create your own pokemon to be playable in the game post the information on Raychu

Please include all the information we have listed below. 

New players cannot introduce a new pokemon until they have earned a second character slot!

New pokemon require approval from all moderators!


Species Name: Quilatta

Type 1: Ice
Type 2: Fire

Description: Small creature, half Ratatta, Half Quilava.  

Similar to the Ratatta but features ears and colours of a Quilava. 

Two fire glands on its back similar to the Quilava speacies. 

Fire burns blue and freezes rather than burns.

Number of Evolutions: Unkown

Method of Evolution: N/A

Created by: Blissychild






Species Name: Thorntail 


Type 1: Ground 

Type 2: Plant 


Description: Appear as an earth tone Ankylosaur, 

with four to five large fern like leaves surrounding it's head. 


Number of Evolutions: no known evolutions


Method of Evolution: N/A


Created by: Ace




Species Name: Leaf Naga 


Type 1: Poison 

Type 2: Psychic 


Description: Dark toned skin, it is a serpent with arms, spiked armor on it's shoulders 

and a large leaf like crest on it's head it uses to camouflage itself. 

Shaggy fur down it's back it can change the color of to blend with the background. 

10-12 feet in length from snout to tail tip. Sword like barb adds on another foot to foot and a half 


Number of Evoltions: N/A 


Method of Evolution: Evolves from high level Sevipers, from Arbok via king's rock 


Created by: Ace



Species Name: Bayon ( Mew Variation)

Type 1: Psychic
Type 2: -
Basic Description: Bayon  resembles a mew with a few changes;
1) Her ears droop down over her back to about her waist
2) Her eyes are a little larger then the average mew
3) Her tail is about 1.5 times longer than an a mew's

4) Bayon posses a rather weaker psychic ability,

 favouring mimic/sketch as their first line of attack. 

Size: 1.3 Feet Tall
Weight: 14 Pounds
Color: Pinkish White

Number of Evolutions: Unknown
Method of Evolution: N/A
Created By: Lil_Lady_Mew




Species Name: Mitiger


Type 1:Dark 

Type 2: - 



The creature has a canine build, Stripes down it's back, tail and rear legs. 

The Mitiger is smaller than the Tasiger, a has  fluffier tail which makes it appear longer.

A small amount of brown fur trailing down it's back is often present, 

and fewer stripes than its evolved form.


Number of Evolutions: 1 -Tasiger


Method of Evolution : Level 


Created by: Typh



Species Name: Tasiger


Type 1:Dark 

Type 2: - 


Description: The creature has a canine build, Stripes down it's back, tail and rear legs. 

A long muzzle with a point to it to get into food better.
The creatures can range in size, considerably larger than its pre-evolved form. 

Males have brownish fur running down from their head and back. 


Number of Evolutions: None Further


Method of Evolution: N/A 


Created by: Typh




Species Name: Island Ampharos aka Bearded Ampharos

Type 1: Electrical
Type 2: N/A

Description: Unlike the mainland cousins, island goats are slightly
smaller in size, their wool is a very silky high quality and desired
fleece. Elongated ears, legs and flippers for swimming with shorter
necks however. 

The origins are unknown other than on the remote
islands of Oceaciana these variations developed. 

All three evolutions do not learn to create cotton but have the same 

electrical discharge of fully bald Ampharos. All evolutions and both sexes have a tuft of fur
on their head. Bucks developed the long wooly beard. Black, brown and
tan are common fleece and skin colors in the race. Flaaffy and
Ampharos will have black mottling marks on their flippers.

Number of Evolutions: 3

Method of Evolution (stone, friendship, levels): levels

Created by : Ace

Extra notes:

Mareep form: Lambs from birth are easily sexed as only males have a
red tail light. Does will have a range from yellow to blue and greens.
These colors may change with age as well but often they remain

Flaaffy: Beard begins to form on bucks. Buckling ears begin to
elongate beyond doelings.

Ampharos: Bucks lose all fur except the tuft on their head which often
grows to cover the head jewel. Rarely some bucks never develop a
head jewel. Does are shorter in the ears than bucks as well as
flippers however their tails are often longer. Small tufts appear
around their head jewels though like some bucks some does develop
large tufts and a head jewel never forms.






Species Name: Felira

Type 1:Dark
Type 2: -

Description: A small, black, slender catlike pokemon. Long and thin
body, long tail with an white tuft of fur on the end. fairly long
ears with white tufts on their ends as well. Bright Yellow eyes. Two
fangs protruding from its mouth. A small orange crescent-shaped halo
floats above its head.

Number of Evolutions: 1 - Evolves to Panthere

Method of Evolution (stone, friendship, levels): friendship, can only
evolve at night in clear moonlight

Created by: Mike (quidora_64)


Species Name: Panthere

Type 1: Dark
Type 2: Fighting

Description: Similar to pre-evolved form, but thicker and more
muscular, the tail is also longer and where Felira was white,
Panthere is a silvery-blue. The paws look sort of oversized, and are
the same blueish color to match the rest. The body is still black,
but the halo now glows with a pale blue hue. 

Panthere stands erect on it's back legs, but uses all four when trying to run fast. 

It's body is more human-shaped, with more defined shoulders than it's
pre-evolved form, and a slightly longer neck. The front claws can be
retracted, but the hind ones generally stay out. 

Number of Evolutions: Evolves from Felira

Method of Evolution (stone, friendship, levels): friendship, can only
evolve at night in clear moonlight

Created by: Mike (quidora_64)



Species Name: Pinwon

Type: Water/Ice

Size: 1ft


Description: Pinwons body is small, round and rubbery. This enables it to learn

to swim with no worries of sinking. Pinwon is a slow mover on land, 

so when it needs to evade predators it will roll away.


Number of Evolutions: 2

Method of Evolution: Level

Created by: ShadowDragon


Species Name: Pinwing

Type: Water/Ice

Size: 1ft 6


Description: Although flightless, it uses its newly developed wings to glide 

through the water at break neck speeds. 

Pinwing slides along on its belly to evade predators due to its stocky legs. 

Pinwing has a golden ring around its neck that glows when Pinwing feels threatened.


Number of Evolutions: 1 - Evolves from Pinwon

Method of Evolution (stone, friendship, levels):


Create by: ShadowDragon


Species Name: Kingpin

Type: Water/Ice

Size: 2ft


Description: Kingpin is the leader of a PIN CLAN and watches over the clan 

that often holds 20 Pinwing and 10 Pinwon. 

Kingpin has a long, flowing, golden feather on its head. 

The longer the feather, the more appealing the Kingpin is to a mate. 

It also has a jewel on its chest that is known as the King's Jewel.

Number of Evolutions: None - Evolves from Pinwing via King Stone



Extra Notes:

Female Pinwon, Pinwing and Kingpin are pink in colour, whilst the males are blue in colour.   









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