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Chapter 4 : An Old Enemy

Here’s a friend…
Here’s a friend…
Here’s an old enemy!

-Nirvana, Lithium

*Edited by JLB*

Caludoga leapt on to a large rock. They had come far North of the valley since the Ty, Caludora killed the ewe and her lamb. He sniffed about and he could smell the sneasal was down in the cave with her brood.

"Hey Bossa! We gotta talk!" The black smeargle shouted down to her.

"Bossa-nuh! We-nuh back-suh!" Cordo hollered.

"Quiet!" Caludora the black Ty emerged. "She can hear you down there without your shouting morons!"

That Ty was always irritable! Caludoga knew the others would be down there as well then. The aerodactyl, the young sneasals, who was he leaving out? He dropped it, this was a large pack of preds! And that whole damn valley was full of prey.

Keiren shook his head. He was perched on a rather large rock with his eyes closed. Stupid guys always shouting and giving away their presence!

"how does Bossa put up vith those idiots!" Mordra the murkrow hissed. She went about preening her feathers. "Stupid idiots! Vig morons!"

She looked about most of the others had awakened because of Caludoga and Cordo shouting.

"Vig Dummies!" She hissed again as she shifted about on her perch.

"What about you? Complaining about everything, why don't you go out and scout out some food for us?" Keiren opened his eyes and leered at Mordra. He growled, he didn't like being called a moron. He stretched out his wings. "Come to think of it, I’ll fly with you, I wouldn't mind making a kill, I'm a little bored."

"Me, make kill!" She grinned ruffling her feathers. "Me vig murkrow!"

She laughed as she hopped off her perch and waddled to the entrance.

"Move vig dummies!" She hissed and cackled at Caludoga and Cordo. "Vig morons!"

Deep from the cave came a growl. She stepped out of her lofty bed. Her children snapped awake staring at her. She grunted a few times and they all settled back down.

She swiftly ran. She leapt on Mordra.

"Stupid bird will not go make "vig kill!" stupid hen go make kill away from flock! Okay?" Bossa snarled, her purple eyes gleaming in anger. "Away from the flock! I want to take those goats all in one surprise attack! And I remind any of you who get the bright idea to go kill a goat or any of that flock you'll answer to me! We don't make a move till we know Loki is down there! For the death of Vinny! For my pack, my children! He will suffer!"

"In the meantime we all starve. We are a big pack, we need food." Caludora groaned. "Enough is enough Bossa! Maybe you should let it go?"

"I should slit your throat!" Bossa spat.

"There was a cow herd moving here! It's far enough away from the valley....maybe we could pick them off before they get to the valley." Caludoga interrupted. "Five, maybe six of them maybe more and some calves. If we ambush them before they get near the valley we could all eat."

"It's dumb luck! How long will luck be on your side? Luck runs out Bossa." Caludora snarled.

"If yose don't change your tone your luck will run out!" Bossa snapped.

"They're right, if we don’t eat soon we wont be able to attack the flock because we'll be too weak to move!" He said. He knew he was facing her anger too but it had to be said. Keiren scratched behind his horn.

"Fine! We take this herd before they get to the valley. Keiren, Caludoga, Caludora and Mordra you make the kills!" Bossa snarled the orders and stood waiting for them to be carried out.

Keiren stretched his wings out wide.

"Finally." He screeched. He took off and flew up, catching sight of the valley and of the not-so-distance herd of Miltank. "Come on, quickly!" He cried.

Caludoga and Caludora ran, well Caludora ran as fast as her bulk allowed. Mordra spotted what they needed.

"Over there! Vig cover." She directed them towards the shrubs. The two hid within the greenery. It was easier for the smeargle than that big Ty.

"Mordra you and the dactyl scare them this way and me and Caludora will ambush 'em." Caludoga untied the scyther blade he carried from his waist.

"Good! Good plan!" Mordra flitted away.

Keiren circled around the other way from Mordra. They positioned themselves around the herd and flew in, coming down at an angel. The miltank panicked and fled straight to Caludoga and Caludora.

"Here come dinner!" Keiren screeched happily tearing his claws on a few of the stragglers so they'd go faster.

"Tear 'em up! All of them!" Caludoga shouted and leapt slashing with the scyther blade.

Caludora lashed out, her massive jaws crushing a tauros' throat. She dropped him and began to spew flames.

"Don't let a single one get away!" Caludora roared as she used her bulk to pin a cow down. Her fangs finished it.

"What do think we are doing!" Caludoga snapped as he hacked at the herd.

Keiren landed on a tauros' back and snapped its neck with his teeth. He whipped his tail across a miltank's eyes, blinding it and used Dragonbreath to finish it. He took off before another Tauros could hurt him. He screeched and flew to catch the ones escaping at the edges.

"I love a good hunt!" He screeched to the others.

A miltank used its tail to pull Keiren out of the sky as he dove past. He scratched its face and took off again before he was trampled to death.

"Vig dumb cows all gone! Leave Mordra to peck vittle calves!" The murkrow hissed as she thrusted her beak at the little ones. "No let Mordra have any fun! Vig fun poke calf to death!"

"Vig jerks! Leave no fun for Mordra." She cackled and dove at another calf.

"If you don't shut up we'll be making roast turkey tonight." Caludoga laughed. He finished off a little calf with his blade. "Bloody work but, someone's gotta do it right?"

Caludora began to rip open a bull. She didn't care to pick off the calves, she was far too hungry to care. She gorged herself while the others gripped and whined about this and that. She heard Mordra and thought a roasted murkrow wouldn’t be a bad idea. 'Cept Bossa wouldn't like her scout devoured.

Keiren snorted. "you know you love it, bloody work's fun." He started cooking a plump miltank with his dragonbreath, the same one that had pulled him from the sky, wasn't so tough now it was being cooked! When the miltank was sufficiently cooked he took his first mouthfuls. Ah bliss...

"Yeah them ain't too much fun!" Caludoga began to chop up a few of the dead. "Mordra go tell our ever so clever boss we're done here. Crap! We do all the work and she and her little kits get the easy meals!"

Doga brought the blade down again. Stupid sneasals! He kept thinking to himself. Lazy creatures!

"Well, we could say we lost the herd and keep it for ourselves but then we'd have her on our backs all year." Keiren finished his meal and started piling dead pokémon onto each other. "Are we supposed to wait her for her or does she think we can carry this back to her and her kits?"

"I'll be damned if I carry any of this back to that lazy sneasal! If they wanna eat they can work up a little sweat gettin here." Caludoga retied his blade to the vine string about his waist.

"I say we kill her!" Caludora snapped as she ripped up her meal.

"That kind of talk will get you killed Dora." Caludoga eyed the black Ty. "I'm not stupid enough to talk like that when you don't know what Bossa has around here that might hear you!"

"Caludoga's right, talking like that can get you killed, you never know. Bossa and her kits might have already come down to see if we made the kill." Keiren shifted uncomfortably and looked around, "She could be here right now."

"I'm bigger! I'm stronger!" Caludora roared.

"She's smarter!" Caludoga barked. "Stop it Dora! You have know idea what she keeps working for her and where she is for that matter." Caludoga was getting nervous.

"Sneasal and rest of pack on vay." Mordra landed, she looked about, everyone was acting a bit peculiar. "What go on? You all act funny? What you all talk about vhile Mordra gone?"

"We were talking about Bossa, that's all, nothing bad about her." Keiren didn't want to risk anything now that Bossa was on her way down. "Hey, did anyone see if any of the herd got away? did we manage to kill them all?" Keiren quickly tried to change the subject.

"Ve do good! Make vig kill. Let none get avay!" Mordra nodded as she began to peck up a meal.

"Well I'm to damn hungry to wait for anyone." Caludoga began to slice himself a meal. He sat eating and since everyone else had started.

"Mordra no vait for sneasals! Mordra much hungry now. No vait!" The murkrow dug in.

"Well you better hope she doesn't care that we started without her!" Keiren growled.

"As long as we leave enough for everyone else. And there is more than enough I think." Caludoga didn't really care, his stomach was demanding food!

"I see everyone has started." Bossa grunted and her five kits began to eat. They hissed and snarled chasing Mordra away from the kills.

Caludora sat with a hunk of flesh dangling from her jaws as the young sneasals ate. Ravenous creatures, she would back off her attempts for mutiny. She wouldn't want those little hellions cutting her apart. She began to chew her meal once more.

"Thisen big kill-suh! Yose do good worken! We-Nuh all eat well-suh!" Cordo began to feed as well.

"Yes, they did the job." Bossa said as if it was no concern to her as she ate.


In the patch of forest a little calf lay. She trembled as she had heard the monsters eat, heard them talk. She lay there hiding in shrubs. She had not been old enough to talk yet. She let out a tiny whimper. Her mother told her to stay here, to be quiet, to not move till either she came back for her or heard the monsters go away. She listened carefully waiting for her mother or the monsters to go away.

To Be Continued.......... 



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