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When Realm first began there weren't many players. In fact there were simply 3 at first. Thanks to those three Realm came alive in all its glory!

Here you can read the earlier adventures in the Realm of Light Tagfic!

Authors: JLB, Blissy, and Raychu 

The Body (PG): The Realm Of Light, a peaceful harbor to several species of Pokémon is about to change. The Utopian society is about to find the one thing that could destroy their community...

Life Goes On (PG): Lupaul tries to forget the bloody scene they discovered. Lupaul and Azura enjoy a day together in the valley.

Wandering Back Into His Life (PG): Nysokatta a wandering ewe returns to the valley to discover her sister Juna was killed.

An Old Enemy (PG-13): Meet the ruthless killers of Juna and her lamb.

The Painted Smeargle (PG): Lupaul and Azura returning from their day by the pond discover a calf, a miltank calf that witness a hideous crime.

The Slaughter (PG-13):Ray-ray leads the investigation in the matter of a Tauros and miltank herd that never arrived into the valley.

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