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The Rules

PLEASE! Read through the rules prior to filling in a character sheet and posting! 

If you should break a rule you shall receive a warning from a moderator. If a player gains three warnings they will be temporarily banned. Should rule breaking continue they will be banned indefinitely!

You have been warned!


*Note*: Not a rule but just some info. Illusion Island is a mysterious 
island protected by ancient magic, an illusion hides the island hence 
it's name. The lake appears to be ongoing without the island there in 
the center of the lake. 

1: Cussing will be allowed to a point. Use your better judgment. 

2: Legendaries are now allowed as of 5-31-03. But, legendaries have to
be earned. If you play regularly, get along with everyone else within
this game you earn credit for each month you play. You will be allowed
to play a basic legendary pokémon and only one once you have played 
long enough in the game. Mods are exempt from this rule. A 
regular player who play often and for quite awhile will be allowed a 
restricted legend.

Advanced players are allowed one restricted legend or two basic or 
intermediate legends. Others words if you want a restricted legend 
you can only have that restricted legend and no other legendaries. 

Basic Legends (****): Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Moltres, Zapados, 

Intermediate Legends (*****): Mew, Kyorge, Latias, Latios

Restricted Legends (Advanced players only): Mewtwo, Groudon, Lugia, 

Off Limits (These can not be used at all): Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxy, Missingno (who isn't considered a pokemon anyway)

3: Basic players are allowed only six major characters. And start 
with one only. As you play you will earn the other five characters.
Players are not allowed more characters until they play at least a 
week or so unless with the permission of a moderator. You are allowed one 
at that time and will earn more as you play. 

4: Evolutions: We decided that it will be up to the player as to 
when their character evolves. But, we do suggest to take a fair amount 
of time before you do so. If this gets abused we'll develop a new 
rule to keep it from becoming a problem. With that all said the main 
point is to have fun and if you want to invite anyone to the group or 
game do so. 

5: Ghost types: Are played as they are seen in both the show and game. 
Other words: They breed, can be touched and their illusions as well 
are touchable. In the game ghosts breed only with the following: 
Gastly and evolutions, koffing and evolutions, slugma and evos, 
misdrevious, and ditto. In this game anything goes for ghosts with a 
betaka, without a betaka they can only breed the above mentioned pokees 

6: Special powers?: Within reason. No powers that are godlike! No 
immortal characters either! All special powers must be 
approved by a mod. The betaka powers are restricted, they are only 
useable with permission and only advanced players may use them.

7: Ditto: Dittos must touch another pokémon before it can transform into its form. 
Other words your ditto can not just become a flaaffy or furret unless 
it has touched these pokémon before.

8: Hentai: Sex is allowed to a point. Other words not every single one 
of your posts should be about sex, we do have threads forming and would
like to build those stories up rather than just fill them with hentai.
Keep in mind that this should be the same as the cussing rule, use your
better judgment. And if you wish to make it a very detailed then it will
have to be posted at Realm Hentai

9: Human speech: Human speech is not to be used by pokemon, meaning 
pokemon do not speak to humans and be understood (ex: Meowth of TR) If 
pokemon were allowed this in this rpg it would make human characters seem 
as useable for PC use, which is something I do not want for this game 
because playing pokemon is the main focus of this game. 

If other rules have to be applied they'll be added as the game 
proceeds. The main thing now is to have fun with it.

All Content on this website is property the original creators. Do NOT steal graphics/characters/information from this website without permission.

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