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The Staff

Want to know a little about our wonderful staff here at Realm? Read on!

The Owner!

JLB aka Ace aka Modernday Desperado!

The fabulous Owner and creator of the Realm of Light! Read more about him at RoL Studios!

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Check out Ace's Comic RoL Studios

The First Moderator!


Yes, the amazing Blissy (I'm writing this you know!) A constant player since the beginning of Realm time! A lover of all things cute, but also hides a darker, deeper side..... 

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Check out Blissy's Artwork at her Deviantart Page : Blissychild

The Newest Mod!


Typh's new on the mod scene but don't think he's weak! Read more about him at RoL Studios!

Check out Typh's Artwork at his Deviantart page : Typh39

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